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There is always a rush that is associated with challenging a yellow light and trying to beat it before it turns red. As it turns out, though, many New Yorkers will also run red lights, a very dangerous practice in a city where so many people walk every day. A new study has shown that one in 10 drivers blow through red lights instead of stopping.

The study, based on observance and a poll, was conducted in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. They observed nearly 4,400 drivers who were approaching red lights. Out of that group, nearly 10 percent kept driving. This including those who did not stop at all, illegal turns and those who essentially treated it like a stop sign.

Other interesting findings came from the study as well. In contrast to the stereotype of aggressive male drivers, men and women ran the red lights about an equal amount. In addition, taxi drivers were more likely to run the light than any other classification of vehicles. For the personal vehicles, a front-seat passenger did not affect the results. Finally, the worst conditions were Mondays and multiple-lane streets.

The authors of the study called for better education of the dangers of committing a red light violation, as well as more traffic cameras. While this is often a controversial topic, European countries have been using them effectively for decades.

Anyone who has been charged with a red light violation or any other traffic violations should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Source: The Atlantic, “It’s Shockingly Common for New Yorkers to Blow Through Red Lights,” Sarah Goodyear, June 8, 2015

Secondary Source: The City University of New York, “For Many New York City Motorists a Red Light Does Not Mean Stop,” Peter Tuckel et. al., Spring 2015

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