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For drivers to see driving laws as merely guidelines, finding areas in which few traffic tickets are issued may seem like a boon. But for others in that same area, knowing there are reckless drivers on the road who will not be punished for their traffic violations can be a source of fear and anger. Residents in one such area, North Buffalo, are tired of it.

Citizens of North Buffalo, especially those who live near Delaware Park, say the local police force is slacking in their duties. To further their point, they cited traffic ticket statistics of nearby New York cities and towns. Compared to Tonawanda, which issued about 3,500 tickets in 2013, and Amherst, which issued nearly 4,000, Buffalo police only issued 200.

Government officials have taken a defensive stance on the matter. They claim that comparing Buffalo to these areas is like comparing apples and oranges. In addition, there is more crime in Buffalo than in nearby cities, which is the focus of the police department. As such, only about 20 of the 800 Buffalo police officers are on traffic patrol. Even these officers mainly focus on traffic control for large events, like hockey and football games.

Recent laws may change the number of tickets issued, however. Fines for traffic violations can now be used by the city instead of being sent to the state government. Due to this, Buffalo recently built their own traffic violations bureau, projected to bring in $2 million annually in revenue.

Anyone who has been issued a traffic violation in New York may benefit from contacting a lawyer to help them fight the ticket. 


Source: NBC Buffalo, “Report: BPD Issues Fewer Speeding Tickets,” Staff Report, July 11, 2015

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