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An invitation to the White House turned into an embarrassing situation for the former vice-president of the New York-based Fortune Society who now leads a nationally recognized group advocating for the rights of people with criminal records. What was supposed to be a meeting with officials about criminal justice reform almost resulted in his being barred from entering because of his prior criminal conviction.

As the group of experts and scholars made their way through the security process required of all visitors entering the White House, the criminal justice advocate noted that his pass was a different color than the ones given to his companions. The reason for his uniquely-colored pass was a 20-year-old robbery conviction for which he had served time in prison.

The fact that he had turned his life around and was now respected enough as an advocate for the rights of individuals with criminal records to be invited to speak with high-ranking government officials did not prevent him from being denied entry to the facility. He was finally admitted, but only with an escort.

Allegations that lead to criminal charges can have long-term consequences if you are convicted. A felony record can prevent you from getting a job as employers shy away from offering you a position because of your criminal record.

Criminal charges have to be looked upon from the perspective of their long-term effects. A criminal defense strategy developed by a Rockland County criminal attorney might be of assistance to you in minimizing the penalties associated with the charges.

Source: CBS News, “Glenn Martin’s ‘prison-like’ White House experience,” Graham Kates, July 2, 2015

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