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Traffic lights are intended to direct the flow of cars efficiently and, above all, prevent accidents and save lives. As such, the New York Police Department tends to take any kind of red light violation very seriously. Of course, this does not mean New Yorkers follow traffic signals like they should. However, there are serious penalties you may face if you are caught running a red light.

As you should have learned in your driver’s education class, you must come to a complete stop at any red light. Generally, there are thick white lines at an intersection, signifying where you should stop. If there is not, you are to stop a safe distance from the intersection.

In addition, there are certain actions you can take when you are at a stoplight. Unless otherwise stated on nearby signs or there is a red right arrow, you are allowed to turn right on red if it is safe to do so. If the cross street is a one-way heading left, the “right on red” rule applies to a left turn.

In the state of New York, yellow is not the same as red. As long as you are in the intersection (past the crosswalk) when the red light shows, you are typically in the clear. This can be a dangerous venture, however, as the penalty for running a red light can range from $50 to $300, depending on the area in which you are driving. In addition, you could be facing points on your license.

There are some defenses that are possible against a red light violation. If you receive a ticket for this act, it is important to contact a traffic lawyer who can analyze and possibly fight your case.

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