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New York cracking down on drunk drivers

The Governor of New York recently announced a statewide, end of the summer crackdown on drunk driving. “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is an initiative that has been put in place in the hopes that it will help to prevent injuries and reduce the loss of life from this costly mistake. Both local law enforcement and state police officials will be working together to screen citizens for signs of intoxication.

A look at New York’s Drinking Driver program

The state of New York is cracking down on the act of drunk driving in an effort to reduce injuries and save lives. If you are caught driving under the influence, you could face long-term consequences and a criminal conviction. You will have your driver’s permit suspended or revoked, and it is a crime to drive without it. You might be able to get out on a conditional release if you participate in the state’s Drinking Driver Program. This program will not prevent or delay fines, but it is a good way for New York drivers to make sure that they do not land themselves into drinking and driving trouble again.

The “plain smell” exception to the exclusionary rule in action

Ordinarily the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures by police. For such searches and seizures to be valid, law enforcement must either first obtain a search warrant or the search must qualify under a recognized exception to what is known as the "exclusionary rule," which holds that evidence illegally obtained cannot be used against a defendant in a legal proceeding. Some of these exceptions involve automobiles under the general "automobile exception" -- which also includes specific "plain view" and "plain smell" exceptions.

The basics of a DWI

In New York, drinking and driving is a serious offense. Depending on your blood alcohol content and the manner of your driving, you could face serious jail time, fines and other penalties. There are four general infractions that fall under driving while intoxicated.

Can I use a radar or laser detector in New York?

Measure, counter-measure; ever since police began using more forms of technology to assist them in detecting and apprehending traffic violators, people have sought ways to avoid or to defeat that technology. One ongoing battle in this regard has been the contest between police use of radar and laser detectors to measure speed, and devices meant for consumer use to alert drivers to the presence of such devices. Different states have adopted various legal responses to the proliferation of radar and laser detectors, and this can lead to some confusion about their legal status in New York.

New York man makes money from red light violations

Next time you get a traffic ticket in the mail for a red light violation, you can thank a man whose company makes millions from its contract to operate the cameras. It now turns out that the company’s owner is known to New York officials for more than just helping them set up a system to catch unsuspecting motorists.

Your facts are unique. Your representation should be, too

A good drunk driving defense attorney always treats every client’s case as one of first impression, even if he or she has seen other cases with similar fact patterns. No two people, and no two fact patterns are exactly alike, so no defense strategy should be a cookie-cutter version of what has been done in the past.