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The Governor of New York recently announced a statewide, end of the summer crackdown on drunk driving. “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is an initiative that has been put in place in the hopes that it will help to prevent injuries and reduce the loss of life from this costly mistake. Both local law enforcement and state police officials will be working together to screen citizens for signs of intoxication.

According to a statement from the Governor’s Office, the average person who is pulled over for driving while under the influence is doing so at twice the legal limit. Nearly 30 percent of all vehicle fatalities in New York involve drunk driving. Drunk drivers have killed more than 10,000 people nationwide so far this year. This is a number that the Governor hopes to diminish. 

The initiative followed a national campaign to bring awareness to the dangers of drunk driving. “Impaired Drivers Take Lives. Think” was just one of many preventative measures that sprung up after the implication of stricter penalties.    

Individuals who are caught driving while under the influence can now receive punishments that include a Class D felony, 7 years in prison and a hefty $10,000 penalty.

Those who are caught drunk driving do not have to automatically accept the charge. Anyone who has been arrested for drunk driving has the right to speak with an attorney for legal counsel and, if needed, representation.


Source: Press Connects, “New York will turn up the heat on impaired driving”, Nick Muscavage, August 21, 2015

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