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Next time you get a traffic ticket in the mail for a red light violation, you can thank a man whose company makes millions from its contract to operate the cameras. It now turns out that the company’s owner is known to New York officials for more than just helping them set up a system to catch unsuspecting motorists.

According to public records, the company owner has compiled a traffic violations record that includes a drinking and driving charge, a traffic ticket record of a least 15 violations and has been the recipient of a suspended license on more than one occasion. The records also indicate that he has been issued speeding tickets in two other states. One of those states wants to arrest him for failing to answer a speeding ticket.

Regardless of whom you know in state or local government, or even the amount of money you may have, traffic violations do not just go away. Whether it is a speeding ticket, a failing to yield violation or reckless driving, eventually you have to defend yourself. Ignoring them does not make traffic violations go away.

Pleading guilty is always an option, but you might have a defense to the charge, or a plea bargain might offer you a reduced charge or a lesser sentence. When the charges include a drinking and driving charge, pleading guilty could leave you with a criminal record.

Before you do anything about a traffic ticket, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the state’s traffic laws. A review of your traffic violations by a savvy attorney might reveal flaws in the paperwork or legal arguments that can be used to your benefit.

Source: New York Post, “Man behind NYC’s pesky traffic cameras has tons of tickets,” Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, Aug. 9, 2015

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