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The popularity of red-light cameras to issue traffic violations might be waning according to a reported drop in the number of programs now in operation nationally. One report shows a decline of almost 100 programs since 2012. A New York man recently discovered that the cameras are still popular here, and doing anything to hamper their performance is a criminal offense.

By using a pole to move the cameras so they could not focus on moving violations occurring at the intersections where they were installed, the man claimed he was benefiting his fellow motorists. The video he posted online showing himself tampering with the cameras was all police needed to track him down and make the arrest.

Municipality claims that using the cameras to issue a traffic ticket for each violation has cut down on traffic accidents at those intersections have not been proven as accurate according to a recent study. The study showed that side collisions went down by 28 percent, but rear end collisions at the same intersections increased by 20 percent.

Another fact the study disclosed had to do with the purpose of the cameras. Although they were originally promoted as a tool for issuing traffic violations to drivers who race through intersections against a red light and create unsafe conditions, a traffic ticket count shows that 70 percent of them were written for turning right on red.

The best way to fight a red light violation is not by tampering with the camera. A Rockland County traffic violations defense attorney might be able to help you defend against the charge in court.

Source: The New York Times, “Charges Filed Against Long Island Man Involved in Red-Light Camera Case,” Benjamin Mueller, Aug 26, 2015

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