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News stories have been spreading throughout the nation regarding new tactics from police officers to find drivers texting, taking photos or otherwise illegally using their phones while they are driving. Some of these undercover tactics are quite comical, but at the end of the day, they all have the same result: tickets for traffic violations.

In one northeastern state, police officers dressed up as religious protesters on the side of the road. Holding up signs with messages like, “Repent! The end is near!” officers are able to get a good look at drivers without them suspecting anything. One driver took a photo of the “protester,” and now faces a fine of over $100 for using her phone while driving.

Across the country, police officers are taking a different route. They dress up as panhandlers, coming up to cars. But their signs say nothing about needing money for food or needing a job. Rather, their signs say they are looking for moving violations, like seatbelt and cell phone use. Sure enough, tickets ensue for breaking the law.

In New York, police officers are not quite as creative (yet), but they have come up with ways to check on drivers breaking the law without being spotted. They have begun using tall, unmarked SUVs to peer into the windows of other cars and take note of the driver’s hands.

Regardless of the tactics, officers across the nation, including New York, have begun cracking down on cell phone use and other traffic violations. Anyone who has been charged with a breaking a traffic law may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney regarding their case.


Source: Consumerist, “That Guy Holding A Sign On The Side Of The Road Could Be A Cop Looking For Drivers Breaking The Law,” Mary Beth Quirk, Sept. 30, 2015

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