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Avoiding harsh penalties through plea negotiation

The criminal justice system would probably grind to a halt were it not for the plea negotiation. Plea bargains are reached in 90 percent of the criminal cases. When prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys reach an agreement to allow the accused to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced charge or for a reduction in the penalties imposed at sentencing, everyone benefits.

Evidence proves light cameras catch more than traffic violations

Ask any motorist in New York about them, and most people will have a story about the flashing strobe light indicating that another vehicle was caught tagged for a red light violation. Red light camera systems seem to be popping up at more and more intersections throughout the state as municipalities seek to reap the benefits of millions in dollars in fines paid by motorists caught on camera.

Retired officer facing homicide charges in drunk driving crash

A retired police officer is currently facing charges for homicide and driving while under the influence in lieu of a deadly crash that occurred in New York. The 57 year old man was arrested immediately following the accident due to his condition.

New York police crackdown means more traffic violations

A program instituted by police to target what they consider to be the traffic violations that pose the most danger to other motorists and pedestrians is certain to result in a huge increase in traffic ticket volume. Officials anticipate that police officers will devote about 12,000 total hours each day over a 10-day period enforcing laws pertaining to speeding, failing to yield and other traffic violations.

Sometimes taking drugs before driving is a good thing

Drunk driving and drugged driving are both generally terrible ideas, for good and obvious reasons. But there is one notable exception to this general rule, as the recent deaths of three people on Halloween in the Morris Park section of the Bronx may illustrate.

You can legally buy them, but their use means a traffic ticket

The laws in New York defining what is legal or illegal when it comes to traffic violations can bewilder even the savvy motorist. There is little to think about when you get a speeding ticket other than the fact that you had better slow down to avoid getting another one.

Drug charges may involve search warrant issues

Police investigations of drug offenses generally focus on gathering evidence to support an arrest and the filing of criminal charges. Law enforcement agencies in New York and on the federal law must conduct their investigations so as not to violate your rights under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

New York goes to war against K2 drug manufacturing

Recent developments in New York have highlighted the increased focus of law enforcement agencies on the federal, state and local levels on drug manufacturing and drug distribution involving synthetic marijuana.  A new law in New York City fills a gap in state laws that do allow police to file drug charges for those caught manufacturing K2.