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Ask any motorist in New York about them, and most people will have a story about the flashing strobe light indicating that another vehicle was caught tagged for a red light violation. Red light camera systems seem to be popping up at more and more intersections throughout the state as municipalities seek to reap the benefits of millions in dollars in fines paid by motorists caught on camera.

Now, data generated from red light camera programs is proving that besides causing a motorist to collect a moving violation the cameras are increasing the number of accidents that occur. A system that was introduced as a method of improving driver safety at intersections by encouraging vehicles to stop rather than run a red light has simply exchanged one type of accident for another.

The theory behind the cameras was that motorists would avoid side collisions caused by a car running a red light and crashing into another vehicle entering the intersection. The fear of receiving a traffic ticket in the mail after being caught by the strobe-lit red light cameras was supposed to make motorists stop before running red or yellow light.

Experts are now providing evidence that T-bone collisions have gone down just as the proponents of the enforcement measure had predicted. The problem is that rear-end collisions have risen dramatically as drivers slam on their brakes to avoid entering an intersection and risk a red light violation and are hit in the rear by trailing vehicles.

As long as communities continue enforcing traffic laws with an eye on the amount of money traffic violations can generate, motorists will continue to be victimized by moving violation programs that can lead to points and a suspended license. If you have been the recipient of a red light violation or any of the other traffic violations that exist, a Rockland County traffic violations attorney might be of assistance.


Source: PIX11 News, “Red light cameras may be causing more harm than good in New York City,” Kirstin Cole, Nov 19, 2015

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