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A program instituted by police to target what they consider to be the traffic violations that pose the most danger to other motorists and pedestrians is certain to result in a huge increase in traffic ticket volume. Officials anticipate that police officers will devote about 12,000 total hours each day over a 10-day period enforcing laws pertaining to speeding, failing to yield and other traffic violations.

Supporters of the short-term enforcement blitz encouraged police officials to continue their focus on reckless driving, drinking and driving, texting and driving, and similar driving behaviors after the current program ends. Those in favor of an increase in traffic ticket volume cite traffic safety as their ultimate goal.

At least 1,700 police officers are involved in the program that is now underway. The assigned officers are focusing their attention almost exclusively on reckless driving and other traffic violations.

When police are ordered to target traffic violations, the danger is that a police officer might be more inclined to issue a traffic ticket for a minor moving violation that might not have warranted the issuance of one before the crackdown. For a motorist caught up in this latest enforcement blitz, the points associated with a conviction for a moving violation could result in a suspended license.

Motorists falling victim to police enforcement efforts might benefit from the advice and skilled representation that a Rockland County traffic violations attorney can offer. Improper passing, following too closely and similar violations based the judgment of the police officer issuing the traffic ticket might be challenged in court.

Source: New York Post, “NYPD dedicating over 1,700 cops to dangerous-driving crackdown,” Danielle Furfaro, Nov 12, 2015

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