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The laws in New York defining what is legal or illegal when it comes to traffic violations can bewilder even the savvy motorist. There is little to think about when you get a speeding ticket other than the fact that you had better slow down to avoid getting another one.

The same holds true for a stop sign violation or the traffic ticket you receive when a police officer sees you pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing. You definitely know what you did wrong as the police officer writes the ticket that is about to put a dent in your income.

License plate frames present a challenge. Car dealers, your favorite sports team and other entities offer plastic frames to attach over your license plates. The frames are a convenient way of advertising for car dealers who rarely allow a vehicle to leave their showrooms without a license frame with their name and logo prominently displayed. Decorative frames may occupy almost an entire aisle at some auto parts stores. So, what is the problem?

The problem is a conflict in the law or, perhaps a better way of putting it might be, the lack of a law regulating the size of the frames that can be sold or given away. Under the current state of the law in New York, you can legally buy a license plate frame, affix it to your plate and be pulled over by a police officer who will write you a traffic ticket for having an obstructed license plate.

Frames that are too wide can obstruct part of the lettering on a license plate causing it to become one of the many traffic violations for which you could be penalized. For the time being, buying a license plate frame is legal, but using it could cause you to need the services of a Rockland County traffic violations attorney to fight the ticket you could receive.


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