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Traveling the roads around the holiday season can be very dangerous. Not only are they often congested, but also there is an increase of drunk drivers plaguing the roadways. Thanksgiving is a particularly dangerous time, with more fatal accidents than any other holiday.

These accidents are caused for a multitude of reasons, but one key factor is the celebrating that takes place among excited patrons who go out to take advantage of specials that are offered by bars and nightclubs. The target audience for drink deals is younger adults, which leads to more drunk driving.

For this reason, New York police increases their presence during Thanksgiving and the other holidays that are celebrated during this time of the year—in the hopes that they will catch more of the people who choose to drink and drive before it is too late.

Tragedy during the holiday season is something that no family wants to experience, especially when the accident is caused by the senseless negligence of another driver. Drunk driving accidents cause many traumatic injuries and deaths throughout the year, peaking during major holidays. Though police presence often increases during these times, the biggest action that can be taken to combat drunk driving accidents is to promote safe decision making. Encourage the people in your life to be safe and not to drink and drive.

If you or someone that you know were involved in a drunk driving accident this Thanksgiving, you may be entitled to compensation. Speaking to an experienced attorney could be beneficial to your case.  

Source: CBS New York, “Nassau County Police Increasing DWI Patrols for ‘Blackout Wednesday,” Nov. 25, 2015

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