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In December 2015, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will soon be cracking down on toll evaders that use New York City's seven bridges and two tunnels. These crossings see traffic of approximately 800,000 cars on an average weekday and those who don't pay the tolls are costing the city big money.

The MTA crackdown goes hand in hand with a proposed state regulation, both which are specifically aimed at offenders that repeatedly evade tolls. Since many of the bridges and tunnels now rely on E-ZPass or gateless and cashless tolls, it is becoming harder to enforce the tolls. Offenders are notified and sent a bill in the mail and many recipients simply never pay.  According to CBS New York, the Henry Hudson Bridge has the most toll evaders.

If approved, the new regulations will allow the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the registration of a vehicle if the owner fails to pay tolls or fees five times within an 18 month period. Violators will be required to pay the outstanding amounts in order to prevent their registration from being suspended or to have their registration reinstated. Currently, the MTA imposes a $50 fee on owners who fail to pay tolls by E-ZPass or by mailed invoices. That fee, of course, is in addition to the cost of the toll itself.

The Hudson Valley News Network reports that a 45 day public period on the proposed regulations ended on January 4, 2016. If approved, the new regulations will go into effect in April 2016.

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