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Drivers of some makes and models receive more speeding tickets

According to a recent study that may be of interest to New York drivers, people who drive certain types of cars receive more speeding tickets than the drivers of other cars. reports that drivers of the Lexus ES sedan and Nissan 350Z sports car received the most speeding tickets.

Nassau County to offer traffic ticket amnesty

In an effort to collect on outstanding ticket revenue, the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is offering a Random Act of Kindness Traffic and Parking Ticket Amnesty Program. According to NBC New York, people who pay their tickets between February 22, 2016 and May 22, 2016 will received reduced fines and fees.

What costs will I pay for a DUI arrest?

Costs will vary and can be anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. While being arrested for a DUI or DWI can have serious consequences and impact your life greatly, you may not be aware that one of the largest impacts can be to your wallet. Some of these costs are readily apparent, but others may not be so obvious.

How a defensive driving course can reduce points

The Point & Insurance Reduction Program, also known as the Defensive Driving Course or Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course, is a program offered by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Private companies are authorized by DMV to provide the course as long as the classes meet the the DMV's strict standards.  Students must complete 320 minutes of instruction and will learn about New York traffic laws, safe driving behaviors and defensive driving techniques. According to the DMV, completion of one of these courses can reduce up to four points from an individual's driving record, as well as qualify drivers for a ten percent reduction in auto insurance premiums for up to three years.

Does a police officer need radar to prove I was speeding?

While having a verifiable number from a radar or lidar (laser) gun is one way that a police officer can justify issuing a speeding ticket, it is not the only way. The opinion of a police officer that you were speeding, as long as he or she is properly qualified to make that determination, can be enough for a conviction.

Vehicular homicide charge possible even when not behind the wheel

Driving while under the influence and subsequently causing an accident that results in someone's death, even indirectly, can apparently lead to a vehicular homicide charge. CBS New York reports that a Long Island man is currently on trial for just such an incident.

Police use of license plate readers leads to privacy concerns

While originally intended as a means for identifying unregistered drivers and traffic violators, New York police departments are increasingly turning to license plate reading technology as an intelligence gathering tool. While the images obtained by such technology can undoutedbly be useful to law enforcement by identifying locations and establishing patterns when pursuing dangerous criminals, they also raise questions about how the information gleaned can be used inappropriately against private citizens.