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According to a recent study that may be of interest to New York drivers, people who drive certain types of cars receive more speeding tickets than the drivers of other cars. reports that drivers of the Lexus ES sedan and Nissan 350Z sports car received the most speeding tickets.

While the top two spots belong to sporty models, not all of the cars that made the top 10 are such obvious entries. Third and fourth place belong to the Dodge Charger and Volkswagen Jetta. Other models that made the top ten include:

  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • Mazda 3S
  • Volkswagen GTI
  • Dodge Stratus
  • Acura 3.0S
  • Toyota Tacoma

Previously, the Subaru WRX was the receiver of the most tickets. However, this year the Subaru dropped to 12th place on the list.

The study also found that some makes and models are less likely to be ticketed than others. The cars whose drivers reported the least citations were the Buick Enclave, the Lexus IS 350 and the Acura ILX. It is particularly interesting to note that sport sedans made by Lexus appear in both the top and bottom categories. This would support the conclusion that the driver is to blame for speeding and not the car. However, perhaps certain drivers who tend to go fast are drawn to certain types of cars.

Since New York State reportes that over 625,000 speeding tickets were issued in New York in 2013 alone, drivers who own any of the top ten models should exercise caution if they want to avoid being ticketed for speeding.

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