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Costs will vary and can be anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. While being arrested for a DUI or DWI can have serious consequences and impact your life greatly, you may not be aware that one of the largest impacts can be to your wallet. Some of these costs are readily apparent, but others may not be so obvious.

According to financial website Nerdwallet, the first cost you will incur if arrested is paying the bond to be released from jail. A judge will set the amount and you will likely have to pay 10 percent. For example, if your bond is set at $2,000, you will have to pay $200 to be released from jail. Then, in order to mount a strong defense, you will need to hire an attorney. Legal fees will vary depending on the jurisdiction, the attorney and whether or not the case goes to trial, but hiring legal representation will cost you another chunk of change. In addition, appearing in court may result in court fees and additional fines that will need to be paid.

If arrested and/or convicted, your license will likely be suspended. In order to have it reinstated, you will have to pay fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If a judge orders that an ignition interlock device be installed in your vehicle, you will have to pay to have it installed and maintained.

Finally, you will almost certainly be faced with higher car insurance premiums. Your rates are likely to be higher for a few years and in fact may be almost double those of a driver with a clean record. In fact, your rates may increase even if you are not convicted. If your license is suspended as a result of your arrest and that suspension appears on your driving record, your insurance may be affected even if you are ultimately not convicted of DUI or DWI.

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