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Facial recognition software combats fake IDs

Recent improvements to the New York Department of Motor Vehicle facial recognition software will make it even more difficult to obtain a fake ID. According to the New York Post, the DMV has been using this type of software since 2010. While the old software was capable of matching 64 points on a person's face, with the upgrade that amount will double to 128. Even if a person has had plastic surgery, it would be very difficult to outsmart the software.

What should I do if I lost my traffic ticket?

If you have accidentally lost or misplaced your traffic ticket, you may be able to get another copy of it. It is worthwhile to attempt to get another copy of your ticket since failing to answer or pay it may result in an automatic conviction. How to go about getting a replacement version of your ticket will depend on where it was issued.

Male drivers more likely to be ticketed than female drivers

While historically women drivers have gotten a bad rap for their abilities, statistics have shown that it may not be true that men are better drivers. While men may have superior automotive knowledge, this does not appear to help them when they get pulled over by police. When it comes to obeying the law, women seemingly have the edge.

What does fruit of the poisonous tree mean?

"Fruit of the poisonous tree" is a legal doctrine concerning evidence against you that is obtained by the police illegally. According to Cornell University Law School, evidence gained as a result of an illegal method may not be admissible in court. In this metaphor, evidence that is obtained illegally is the tree, and anything that grows from that tree is therefore poisonous.

New York HOV lane violations

Lanes for high occupancy vehicles exist in cities all over the world. They are sometimes referred to as HOV lanes or carpool lanes. Their purpose is to allow vehicles with passengers to move faster, thus alleviating congestion in the regular car lanes, and to encourage people to carpool so there will be fewer vehicles on the road. Some highways in New York have these lanes and certain rules are in effect during designated hours. Drivers should be aware of the laws relating to HOV lanes, since committing a violation can result in a traffic summons.

Some feel further bail reform is necessary in New York City

Despite recent efforts in the last year to change how bail is doled out in New York City, some feel those efforts are not enough. The New York Times reported that in 2015, officials planned to alter bail requirements for some offenders. People arrested for non-violent crimes and misdemeanors would be placed under court supervision as they awaited trial rather than paying monetary bail. The reason cited is that many of these low-risk defendants could not afford bail set at even a few hundred dollars and are contributing to overpopulation issues at Rikers Island.

What if my car insurance has lapsed?

Whether or not your insurance lapse was intentional, you will be facing consequences. This is true even if you have not carried any liability coverage on your New York-registered vehicle for only one day. Depending on the circumstances and the length of the lapse, you will be facing the suspension of both your driver's license and your registration.