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Lanes for high occupancy vehicles exist in cities all over the world. They are sometimes referred to as HOV lanes or carpool lanes. Their purpose is to allow vehicles with passengers to move faster, thus alleviating congestion in the regular car lanes, and to encourage people to carpool so there will be fewer vehicles on the road. Some highways in New York have these lanes and certain rules are in effect during designated hours. Drivers should be aware of the laws relating to HOV lanes, since committing a violation can result in a traffic summons.

Generally, in order to qualify as a high occupancy vehicle in New York, the vehicle must have more than one person in it. Therefore, a car with a driver and one passenger may be considered a high occupancy vehicle. If the passenger is a child, that still counts, and the vehicle does not have to be a car. Trucks, motorcycles, taxis and buses are permitted to use HOV lanes as long as there are two or more occupants. Some roads may require at least three occupants to use the HOV lane. Vehicles with only one occupant are permitted to use a HOV lane outside of the restricted times.

According to the New York City Department of Transportation, the following New York roads have HOV lanes:

  • The Long Island Expressway
  • The Gowanus Expressway leading into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
  • The Queensboro Bridge
  • The Manhattan Bridge

Police officers are trained to spot HOV lane violators. Some people try to get around the law by putting dummies in the passenger seat; however, these types of tricks rarely work. In addition, HOV lanes are clearly marked and vehicles are forbidden from entering or exiting a HOV lane outside of a designated area. If issued a citation for an HOV lane violation, the driver will be responsible for paying a fine and may receive points. However, according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, no points will be issued if the violation occurs between exits 49 and 57 of the Long Island Expressway in Suffolk County.

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