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Perhaps you simply misplaced the ticket and forgot about it. Or maybe you are certain the charges are bogus and have decided not to pay it out of principle. Regardless of the reason, ignoring a New York traffic ticket will have consequences.

If you received a ticket in Rochester or New York City, that ticket is governed by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violation Bureau. According to the DMV, if you do not respond to a traffic ticket on time, your license will be suspended. In order to have your driving privileges restored, you will have to pay a fee in addition to responding to the ticket itself.

If you continue to ignore the ticket even after you receive notice of your license suspension, you will be found guilty of the charge automatically. You will then be responsible for all fines, fees and surcharges, and any other ramifications that come from being convicted for whatever offense your ticket was issued for.

If you receive a New York traffic ticket someplace other than Rochester or New York City, the local or county court where the ticket was issued will determine the consequences for your unpaid ticket.

If you are an out-of-state driver who received a ticket while driving in New York, it may be tempting to blow off the ticket, especially if you have no immediate plans to return to the state. However, this could result in your license being suspended in both New York and your home state, as most states share information about traffic tickets.

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