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Whether or not your insurance lapse was intentional, you will be facing consequences. This is true even if you have not carried any liability coverage on your New York-registered vehicle for only one day. Depending on the circumstances and the length of the lapse, you will be facing the suspension of both your driver's license and your registration.

The most serious consequences will occur if you are caught driving your car without the necessary liability insurance. You could be arrested and your car impounded by the police. Even worse, if you cause an accident without insurance, you will be on the hook for damages to your own car and any other vehicles that were involved in the crash. You also face costly administrative penalties.

If your insurance has lapsed for more than 90 days, your driver's license will be suspended according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. You will also be required to hand in your license plates and vehicle registration to the DMV. A lapse of less than 90 days is considered less serious, and you may be eligible to pay the civil penalty fee online.

If you want to avoid any of the penalties for having lapsed insurance in New York, you should always keep liability insurance coverage on your vehicle while it is registered in the state. Also, remember to keep your records and the DMV's records up-to-date and be aware of when your policy expires or renews each year. This information should not construed as legal advice, and is provided only to give you a general understanding of the topic.

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