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If you have accidentally lost or misplaced your traffic ticket, you may be able to get another copy of it. It is worthwhile to attempt to get another copy of your ticket since failing to answer or pay it may result in an automatic conviction. How to go about getting a replacement version of your ticket will depend on where it was issued.

If your lost ticket was issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violation Bureau, you may be able to obtain a substitute version online. Having the ticket number available will be helpful. However, if you do not have it, you can still enter either your personal information or your ID number from your New York driver's license and search the online system to see if the ticket can be located.

If your ticket was not issued by the TVB, you will need to contact the court clerk for the local jurisdiction that issued it to obtain a copy. If you remember where you received the ticket, then that process should be fairly simple. But sometimes knowing what entity has jurisdiction over a particular road or area can be tricky. Therefore, you may have to contact multiple town or county courts in order to find the right one.

If after that you are still not able to obtain a copy of your ticket, your only hope may be if the court sends you a notice about your failure to answer the ticket. Then you will at least know who to contact about resolving your case.

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