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Are there any ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket?

Obviously, the best way to avoid being on the receiving end of a speeding ticket is to not speed. However, if you find yourself traveling faster than the posted speed limit either intentionally or unintentionally, Money Talks News reports that there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of being ticketed.

Vanity plates may increase chances of getting ticketed

While vanity plates are perfectly legal and can be a great way for a person to stand out or express a sentiment that they feel strongly about, they may also have the unintended consequence of drawing negative attention to the person's car. According to the NY Post, a number of New Yorkers with attention-seeking personalized plates were on the receiving end of a large amount of tickets last year.

Texting while driving tickets have increased dramatically in NY

Since 2011, the number of tickets issued by law enforcement in New York for texting while driving has gone up by a staggering amount. According to the Governor's Office, there has been an 840 percent increase over the last five years.

New York police step up enforcement of school bus passers

As sunny days drive more people outside, law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for drivers who illegally pass school buses. Each spring and fall, police across the state participate in Operation Safe Stop, according to Time Warner Cable News.

Despite being banned, police quotas still being used in NYC

A recent class-action lawsuit has drawn attention to the issue of quotas being used by the New York Police Department. Quotas are essentially target numbers that officers are required to meet for traffic tickets, summonses and arrests during a specific period of time. Although the use of quotas was banned by a 2010 New York state law, they are still very much prevalent according to VICE. Officers who are subjected to quotas may feel pressure to issue tickets even in the absence of a legitimate violation.

ATV riders should practice caution in New York City

Riders of all-terrain vehicles and other motorized bikes are being targeted by the New York Police Department. Due to the lack of open space in the five boroughs, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is encouraging riders to limit their use to the suburbs according to Newsday. There have been reports of riders traveling in groups on city sidewalks and streets. These gangs have been known to delay traffic on major roads while they stop to perform tricks. Doing this puts everyone on the road at risk, police argue.

Increased fines and fees lead to a jump in revenue for NYC

From fiscal year 2012 through fiscal year 2015, New York City experienced a significant rise in the amount of revenue it collected in fees and fines. According to Newsday, revenue collected just in fiscal year 2015 totaled almost $2 billion. The city raked in approximately $957 million payments from violations alone during that time period. Not surprisingly, parking tickets accounted for 56 percent of that amount. Over the entire four year period, revenue increased by a whopping 13 percent.

How can I avoid a ticket for an improper turn?

You can avoid receiving a ticket for making an improper turn if you always use the proper technique each time you approach an intersection. While we all learn the right way to make turns when we first get our driver's licenses, it is easy to forget over time.

What do commercial drivers need to know about driving in NYC?

Every day New Yorkers depend on trucks to deliver goods to homes and businesses. Driving in New York City can be intimidating for many drivers, and if you are driving a truck or commercial vehicle there are special rules that you will need to follow.