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Riders of all-terrain vehicles and other motorized bikes are being targeted by the New York Police Department. Due to the lack of open space in the five boroughs, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is encouraging riders to limit their use to the suburbs according to Newsday. There have been reports of riders traveling in groups on city sidewalks and streets. These gangs have been known to delay traffic on major roads while they stop to perform tricks. Doing this puts everyone on the road at risk, police argue.

The riding of motor bikes and ATVs is illegal in the city. Riders who are caught driving an ATV in the city illegally face having their vehicle seized and destroyed. 65 ATVs and motorized bikes were seized in single two-week period, and 312 have been seized in total this year.

In order for the use of an ATV to be legal, the vehicle must be registered, states the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. That registration must be renewed each year. ATVs can only be driven on private property and then only if the owner grants permission. They cannot be driven on public lands. Crossing a highway may be allowed in some circumstances if the highway connects two trails permitted for ATV use. There are also restrictions as to the hours of operation and while New York does not require a driver's license to operate an ATV, there are limitations as to how old a rider must be. Certain age groups may be required to be supervised by an adult while riding.

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