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From fiscal year 2012 through fiscal year 2015, New York City experienced a significant rise in the amount of revenue it collected in fees and fines. According to Newsday, revenue collected just in fiscal year 2015 totaled almost $2 billion. The city raked in approximately $957 million payments from violations alone during that time period. Not surprisingly, parking tickets accounted for 56 percent of that amount. Over the entire four year period, revenue increased by a whopping 13 percent.

The stark increase in collected fees is also in large part thanks to the installation of speed cameras in certain areas of the city. In fact, in 2015 camera-related fines accounted for $77 million in revenue.

Bus lane camera violations increased by 117 percent and 15 times as many violations were captured by speed cameras located in school zones as in prior years. The cameras were installed as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero campaign, which aims to greatly reduce traffic-related injuires and fatalities in New York City.

If a duo of lawmakers in Queens gets their way, the use of speed cameras could be expanded even further according to the New York Daily News. The speed cameras currently operate during limited hours of the day, namely when schools are in session. The State Senators plan to introduce legislation that would allow the cameras to catch speeding drivers in school zones 24 hours a day. While the intention behind the bill is make the streets safer for New Yorkers, if approved it would also likely result in even more revenue for the city.

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