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As sunny days drive more people outside, law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for drivers who illegally pass school buses. Each spring and fall, police across the state participate in Operation Safe Stop, according to Time Warner Cable News.

Approximately 33,000 drivers make illegal passes around a school bus each day across New York. When a school bus is stopped and its lights are flashing, drivers are prohibited from going around it in either direction. Enforcement is expected to take place on all roads, but special attention will be paid to school zones and frequently used bus routes.

Some people wish to ramp up enforcement of this violation even further given the fact that illegal school bus passers have been responsible for hitting 35 children statewide over the last four years. The Long Island Press reports that legislation has been proposed that would authorize cameras to be installed on school bus stop arms. Any vehicles caught passing the bus illegally would then receive a ticket in the mail.

Supporters argue that bus drivers often have their hands full supervising children as they get on and off the bus and are unable to take down license plate numbers of drivers who break the law. Installation of the cameras and issuance of fines could serve as a deterrent and potentially save lives, they contend. However, opponents to the bill expressed concerns about privacy and worry that drivers' rights may be violated when such data is gathered. It remains to be seen whether or not the bill will successfully become a law.

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