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Every day New Yorkers depend on trucks to deliver goods to homes and businesses. Driving in New York City can be intimidating for many drivers, and if you are driving a truck or commercial vehicle there are special rules that you will need to follow.

according to the New York City Department of Transportation, trucks that drive in the city are restricted as to size and weight. For instance, your vehicle cannot measure more than 55 feet from one bumper to the other if it is a tractor trailer and its gross weight cannot exceed 80,000 pounds. A box truck cannot have more than 22,400 pounds on a single axle. Any violation could result in a citation. If your vehicle exceeds the size and weight limits, you may be able to apply for a special permit.

Trucks are also limited to using certain roads while driving through the city. The DOT publishes maps to help you know which roads are acceptable for commercial vehicles to use. You will only be allowed on a street that is not on the truck route if it is on the way to your destination. If you are just driving through the city on your way to your final destination, you must use a route designated for through trucks. If your destination is located within one of the five boroughs, you can use any route designated for local trucks. In addition, most parkways are considered off-limits for drivers of commercial vehicles and trucks.

If your truck is registered in New York State and is classified as a commercial vehicle, your vehicle may be required to have cross over mirrors. Cross over mirrors are located on the front of your vehicle and eliminate blind spots so that drivers can see pedestrians better. Finally, once you arrive at your destination, you will also face restrictions on where you can park your vehicle while you unload and deliver your cargo. Midtown Manhattan in particular has especially stringent rules for where commercial vehicles may park. Therefore, you will want to familiarize yourself with the regulations ahead of time in order to avoid a violation.


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