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How can police tell if you are too high to drive?

Currently, there is no sound scientific method for determining if you are too high to operate a vehicle. As some states and countries continue to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, interest in developing a system of determining when someone is too high to drive is increasing. When it comes to alcohol, police in New York can rely on breathalyzer tests and chemical tests to determine if you are over the clearly set legal limit for blood alcohol content. According to Complex Magazine, however, similar tests may not be effective when it comes to marijuana use.

Drunk driving crackdown planned for Memorial Day weekend

New Yorkers who have been drinking may want to think twice before getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend. An announcement was made by Governor Andrew Cuomo that authorities across the state will be on the lookout for impaired and drunk drivers, as well as drivers committing other violations such as texting and driving. The crackdown will last the entire long weekend, beginning on Friday and running through Monday.

NYPD cracking down on bike lane violations

New York City drivers who like to veer in to the bike lanes to get around traffic may want to think twice before doing so this week. As spring weather gets warmer, more people are riding bikes around the city. Therefore, the NYPD is undertaking an initiative called Bicycle Safe Passage reports the New York Post.

Driver Responsibility Assessments unfair to poor citizens

If you are a New York driver who, during an 18-month period, has received six points on your license, you could be assessed an annual fee for three years known as a driver responsibility assessment. However, if you are not wealthy or do not have any savings to fall back on, fees such as these can place an undue financial burden on you. At the Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC, we understand that your hard-earned money is important to you and that paying costly yearly fees may not always be feasible.

What is Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

Auto-Brewery Syndrome is a rare condition that most people have never heard of. If you suffer from it, when your body’s digestive system is overloaded with excess yeast, carbohydrates are then converted to alcohol. This could then make you appear very drunk even if you have not ingested a lot of alcohol.

Operation Work Brake in effect on the NY State Thruway

As the spring weather has gotten warmer, road work has commenced on many New York highways. “Operation Work Brake” began on Monday, April 25 and as a result, New York State Police will have an increased presence on the New York State Thruway in order to protect workers in construction zones. According the Thruway Authority, construction zones require drivers to pay extra attention as the road conditions often change. Workers are present, speed limits are lower and lanes can become narrower, shift or close.

Why a having a clean driving record is important

A person’s driving record reveals whether or not they have been in any accidents, been convicted of any moving violations or received any DWI’s. While receiving a ticket for a traffic violation may result in fines and points against one’s driver’s license, there may also be other less obvious consequences. At The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC, we understand that keeping a clean driving record is essential for New York drivers for many reasons.