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New York City drivers who like to veer in to the bike lanes to get around traffic may want to think twice before doing so this week. As spring weather gets warmer, more people are riding bikes around the city. Therefore, the NYPD is undertaking an initiative called Bicycle Safe Passage reports the New York Post.

The aim is to identify and issue tickets to drivers who obstruct bike lanes, commit moving violations in bike lanes and park hazardously in bike lanes. Approximately 1,500 officers from all 77 precincts will be targeting drivers who put bicyclists in harm’s way. The operation is an extension of Mayor De Blasio’s plan to reduce and eliminate traffic deaths called Vision Zero.

The use of bicycles in New York City has exploded in the last 15 years, according to NBC New York. It is estimated that nearly 750,000 New York City residents ride bikes in the city on a regular basis. 40 miles of dedicated bike lanes can already be found in the city, and with plans to add another 15 miles this year, the number of bicyclists is likely to increase.

While Bicycle Safe Passage aims to protect bike riders from drivers who disobey the law, some drivers think that it’s the bike riders who need learn a thing or two about traffic enforcement. Bicyclists are not immune to swerving out of their lines and those who ride recklessly put drivers and pedestrians in danger, they argue, and traffic laws should be enforced equally for everyone who uses the road.

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