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Nearly every New York driver is aware that drinking and driving can result in an arrest, an accident or even worse. However, the effects that alcohol has on a person’s body that make driving dangerous may not be as readily apparent.

According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, drinking negatively affects the body in a number of ways. Importantly, these effects can happen even when a person is not aware of them. A person who has been drinking is often unable to judge their own condition, and thus may feel confident about getting behind the wheel even when they shouldn’t.

Consuming alcohol makes it difficult to judge how fast the car is traveling and how far away objects are. It also affects reaction time, which is important when it comes to braking and dealing with other vehicles on the road. In addition, drinking makes people more likely to take unnecessary chances such as trying to make a turn when traffic is not clear, and it can affect a driver’s vision. All of these things can be even worse when drinking and driving at night, since driving when it’s dark is more difficult even when sober.

Given all of these facts, drivers who want to avoid brushes with the law would be wise to take preventative measures to ensure that they do not put themselves and others at risk advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When participating in an occasion where there will be drinking, it is always best to get a ride home, either from a taxi, a car service or from a sober friend. Some simple planning ahead can ensure that a night of fun doesn’t turn in to a morning behind bars.

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