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In New York, you are required to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. If you have received a ticket for violating this requirement, you may be wondering whether it is worth fighting the ticket. While failing to stop at a stop sign may seem like a minor violation, it can still have serious consequences for you. At The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC, we understand that your ability to drive is important and that you want to keep your driving record clean. There may, therefore, be some defenses you can use if you received a ticket for a stop sign violation.

With other types of moving violations, such as speeding, law enforcement officers have tools that they can use in order to support their argument that the ticket they issued you is valid. For example, if a radar gun was used correctly and indicated that you were exceeding the speed limit, the court is likely to agree with the officer that the ticket was justified.

However, when it comes to stop signs there are no such tools that police officers can use to confirm that you failed to come to a complete stop. Most likely it will be his or her word against yours. Therefore, a good defense strategy would be to somehow prove that the officer did not have a clear line of sight when the alleged violation took place. Depending on the angle at which the officer was viewing your car and the distance at which he or she observed the incident, it is possible that it appeared you did not stop when in fact you actually did.

Another possible strategy could hinge on whether or not the stop sign was easily seen. If something was blocking the sign so that you could not see it properly, for example, your failure to stop may be viewed by the court as excusable. For more information on tickets for failing to obey a traffic signal, please visit our web page.

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