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Drivers who run a red light at one of New York City’s 150 intersections can expect to see a ticket in the mail. However, despite the fact that the red light camera program has been in place in New York City for 20 years, it still remains controversial according to PIX11.

While the cameras are meant to catch and prevent people from speeding and running through red lights, they are problematic, some argue, in the way they function. Since the speed limit is uniform throughout the city, every traffic light is timed to remain yellow for exactly three seconds. However, some experts think that is not long enough.

A short yellow light forces a driver to choose between possibly entering an intersection when the light turns red and receiving a ticket or slamming on their brakes and causing a rear-end collision. To truly make intersections safer, factors such as the actual speed of traffic as opposed to the posted speed limit and the size of the intersection should be considered when deciding how long a yellow light should be, it is argued.

Opponents of the cameras maintain that they are only being used as a source of revenue and not with New Yorkers’ safety in mind. Some people feel so strongly about red light cameras that they decide to take matters into their own hands. That is the case with one Long Island man who was arrested for damaging 19 cameras in Suffolk County according to Fox 5. If he is convicted, he could face serious consequences. However, the man says that he is just standing up for his fellow citizens and that he believes the fee that gets tacked on to each ticket for a red light violation is illegal.

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