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Fewer tickets being issued for move-over violations

When law enforcement and other emergency vehicles are stopped on the side of the road, drivers in New York are required to slow their speed and if possible, move over to a different lane. Similar laws are in effect in every state across the nation, most of which were enacted long before the one in New York, according to PressConnects.

How are NY’s new summonses different from the old ones?

If you have ever received a summons for a traffic violation in New York, you may have found it difficult to cull out the information that is important. Summonses are usually written by hand and many people found them difficult to read. Because information like the date and time of the court appearance or the potential penalties were not obvious, many people found themselves missing their court dates.

NY authorities cracking down on underage drinking

New Yorkers who are under the age of 21 should think twice before trying to purchase alcohol and getting behind the wheel, as law enforcement agencies across the state are cracking down on underage imbibers, as well as the use of fake IDs. The Governor’s office announced in June that a series of sweeps would be planned to coincide with the summer concern season.

3 injured and 1 killed by off-duty officer who was driving drunk

New Yorkers who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol can put themselves and others in grave danger. When they are caught or when a tragedy occurs, the consequences for the driver can be extremely serious and have a lasting effect on the driver’s life.

New York drivers urged not to play Pokemon Go behind the wheel

Since the Pokemon Go mobile app was released on July 6, it has become a world-wide sensation. The game incorporates a cell phone’s location services and cameras in a way that players try to catch virtual Pokemon in real world locations. The app is so popular and users are so obsessed that the New York Department of Motor Vehicles issued a news release reminding New York drivers not to attempt to play the game while they are driving.

A look at New York City’s bus lane camera program

Drivers in New York City should avoid bus lanes if they do not want to be issued a citation. Any car or truck that idles, parks in or drives in a bus lane may be caught on camera according to the City of New York website. If that happens, a notice of liability will issue approximately 30 days after the violation. Drivers can be alerted to where the bus lane cameras are located by looking for signs that are posted. The only times vehicles are permitted to be in a bus lane is if they are dropping off or picking up passengers, or if they are making a right hand turn.

Can I get a speeding ticket even if I haven’t exceeded the limit?

You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Most New York drivers understand that speed limits are put in place to let you know the maximum speed that it is safe to travel on a certain road. However, if certain circumstances exist, a police officer may still legally be able to ticket you for speeding even though you may not have exceeded the posted speed limit.

Right of way law mired in controversy

A law passed in 2014 as part of New York City Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign has been under the gun lately. Vision Zero aims to reduce or eliminate traffic and pedestrian fatalities in New York, and this particular law makes it unlawful for drivers to fail to yield to bicyclists or pedestrians who have the right of way. However, according to the New York Daily News, a judge in Queens recently ruled that the right of way law is unconstitutional.