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Drivers in New York City should avoid bus lanes if they do not want to be issued a citation. Any car or truck that idles, parks in or drives in a bus lane may be caught on camera according to the City of New York website. If that happens, a notice of liability will issue approximately 30 days after the violation. Drivers can be alerted to where the bus lane cameras are located by looking for signs that are posted. The only times vehicles are permitted to be in a bus lane is if they are dropping off or picking up passengers, or if they are making a right hand turn.

Drivers who are issued a citation can actually view the video of their violation online. If a driver wishes to dispute their violation, there is a deadline under which he or she must do so.

The law permitting the bus cameras was extended in the fall of 2015, according to the New York Daily News. The new legislation permitted the cameras to remain in place for an additional 10 years. It also permits New York City to add an additional 10 cameras to the five that existed at the time the legislation was passed.

Proponents of the program argue that bus service has improved greatly since it began. However, as with many traffic-related enforcement programs, there are those who see the bus lane cameras as an attempt to generate revenue for the city and nothing more. Nonetheless, the bill extending the program was signed into law and drivers should be guided accordingly.

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