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You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Most New York drivers understand that speed limits are put in place to let you know the maximum speed that it is safe to travel on a certain road. However, if certain circumstances exist, a police officer may still legally be able to ticket you for speeding even though you may not have exceeded the posted speed limit.

According to the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the law says that drivers must slow down when they approach certain road hazards. These hazards include:

  •          Railroad crossings
  •          Curves in the road
  •          Steep hills
  •          Intersections

The law also says that drivers are responsible for traveling at a speed that is reasonable given the conditions present on the road. For example, suppose you are driving on a New York highway that has a speed limit of 65. However, it is the middle of winter and there is snow falling from the sky and icy conditions on the road. In that situation, traveling at 65 or even 60 miles per hour would make it extremely difficult for you keep control of your car or to avoid any road hazards. Therefore, if a law enforcement officer observes you driving at a speed that is dangerous given the conditions, you could still be pulled over and issued a ticket for speeding even if you were going less than 65.

Considering the penalties for a speeding ticket can include expensive fines, points on your license and possibly even jail time, being aware of the laws in place regarding speed limits is advisable.

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