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When law enforcement and other emergency vehicles are stopped on the side of the road, drivers in New York are required to slow their speed and if possible, move over to a different lane. Similar laws are in effect in every state across the nation, most of which were enacted long before the one in New York, according to PressConnects.

The New York law was not implemented until 2011 and is named after two police officers who were killed while assisting people on the side of the road. Drivers who do not obey the law may find themselves on the receiving end of ticket and the fines and points that go along with it.

However, most people do seem to be obeying the law as the number of tickets being issued for violations have gone way down. During the first the year the move-over law was in effect, more than 13,000 drivers throughout the state were written a ticket for violating it. Compare that to the numbers for 2014, when a mere 167 tickets were issued. That impressively translates to more than a 98 percent reduction in tickets.

In addition, the scope of the law was recently expanded, reports WKBW Buffalo. The new regulations now require drivers to move over for volunteer ambulance crews and firefighters. Such vehicles often have blue or green flashing lights. Previous versions of the law only required people to move over for vehicles with red, amber or white lights. Vehicles that use those colors include tow trucks, police cars and other emergency vehicles. 

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