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You should pull over immediately or risk the consequences. This is true regardless of whether you are on a rural road update, a crowded Long Island highway or in the middle of a Manhattan traffic jam.

According to the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, if an emergency vehicle is approaching, you are required by law to give it the right of way. This means that you should immediately pull over as far right on the road as you can until the vehicle has passed. You should also make sure that you are not in or blocking an intersection.

You will be able recognize an emergency vehicle by the fact that it will have white, red or possibly both white and red lights. Fire trucks, police cars and ambulances are all considered emergency vehicles. You may occasionally see vehicles on the road with lights that are other colors. Amber lights are usually indicative of a utility truck or tow truck. Volunteer fire fighters who are on their way to a call use blue flashing lights. A flashing green light may be used by a volunteer medical responder responding to a call.

In addition, if you are going to pass an emergency vehicle that is stopped on the shoulder, the law says that you should try to move away from the adjacent lane. There are also special rules in place concerning fire trucks. For instance, if a fire hose is being used, the law prohibits you from driving over it. In the event a fire truck is on the road responding to a call, it is illegal to drive within 200 feet behind the truck. If you are caught failing to take any of these measures, you will likely be issued a ticket.

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