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If you have been convicted of a traffic offense in New York, you can most likely count on the cost of your auto insurance premium rising. How much it will go up may depend on what type of ticket you received, according to Bankrate.

Insurance companies take a number of factors into consideration when deciding what to charge you to insure you and your car. The more tickets you receive, the higher risk you present and the higher your premiums will be. If you rack up too many tickets or points against your license, you may not be able to find a company that will insure you at all.

A single speeding ticket may increase your rate by up to 30 percent, depending on how fast over the speed limit you were going at the time. However, being convicted of driving while intoxicated will likely lead to a much steeper increase. In fact, your car insurance premium may go up as much as 93 percent, or almost double what you were previously paying.

You have probably run a red light at least once in your lifetime. However, if you get caught and receive a ticket, your insurance rate may increase by about 20 percent. Careless driving and reckless driving will also lead to an insurance bump. Reckless driving is the more serious charge and will carry an increase of 82 percent, almost as much as for a DWI. Careless driving usually results from an unintentional driving behavior and can lead to an average increase of 27 percent.

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