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Drugged drivers face similar consequences as drunk drivers

Drunk driving is a high-profile issue that gets a lot of media attention. Therefore, many New York drivers are probably already aware of the risks and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, drugged driving is also an offense that is taken very seriously. Therefore, drivers in New York should be aware of the penalties before they decided to get behind the wheel after using drugs.

Advances in modern technology aim to put an end to DWI

In the not-so-distant future, drivers in New York will have cars that are capable of more automation than ever before. While many of these advances aim to make roads safer, they may also have the added result of drastically cutting down on incidences of driving while intoxicated. People could enjoy an evening out in New York, have a few drinks and then get into their cars secure in the knowledge that their car will get them safely home without their having to operate the vehicle.

What do I need to do to restore my license after a revocation?

If your New York driver’s license was revoked, in order to get it back after the revocation period is over you will need to apply for a new license. Unlike a suspension, which temporarily freezes your driving privileges for a certain amount of time, a revocation means that your license is invalided. You can only reinstate your ability to drive through completing the process again from the very beginning.

What tactics do police use to catch texting drivers?

You most likely know that it is illegal to text or use your smartphone while you are driving. However, if you are like many other New Yorkers, there is a chance that you do so anyway, knowing that you are not supposed to. Law enforcement is always on the lookout for texting drivers and here are some ways that officers may know you are breaking the law.

More New Yorkers using seat belts then ever before

The laws in New York require you and your passengers to use a seat belt in almost every situation. Drivers who are caught not buckling up face penalties such as fines and points against their licenses. At the Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC, we know that driving safely is important to you, but so are your bank account and your driving record.

Drug recognition experts and traffic stops

A drug recognition expert is a New York law enforcement officer who is specially trained to identify the symptoms of people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Based on the signs the person is displaying, a DRE can recognize what type of substance or substances he or she has been using. The officers are trained to spot drugs in seven different categories. According to the International Drug Evaluation & Classification Program, they are:

How can I avoid getting a ticket now that schools have started?

You should expect that enforcement efforts will be strong as children across New York begin a new school year, so the best way for you to avoid getting a ticket is to make sure you obey all the traffic laws regarding school buses and school zones. Extra caution should also be used around playgrounds, bus stops and any other area where children may be present.

Longer yellow lights would combat unfair camera tickets some say

Red light cameras are in use throughout New York City as a way of combatting people who run red lights and put other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists in danger. However, many argue that they are ineffective when it comes to enhancing safety and are merely a way for the city to profit off its citizens and the hundreds of thousands of commuters who enter the city each workday. In addition, some question whether the yellow lights at intersections that have traffic cameras are shorter in order to catch more people and collect more money.

Drunk driver causes fatal accident on the BQE

Drivers in New York who are charged with driving while intoxicated often face a slew of other charges as well, especially if they are involved in a fatal accident. As the number of charges piles up, so do the possible penalties, many of which can change a person’s life forever.