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Limits on the Suspension Termination Fee

My license was suspended because I missed Traffic Court. The police gave me a lot of traffic tickets. How much will I have to pay to get my license back? I know that I will have to pay a $70 suspension termination fee for each ticket, however because are there so many tickets will I have to pay $70 for each ticket? Are there any Limits on the Suspension Termination Fee?

Arrested for Driving on a Suspended License New York City Council

Noah Gotbaum -- a 54-year-old man who is in the running for a City Council seat representing the upper West Side neighborhood -- was pulled over recently for operating a vehicle while using a cell phone. Gotbaum was not using a hands-free device, according to police, which resulted in the traffic stop. However, Gotbaum apparently had an unpaid traffic ticket on his record and his license was suspended. As a result, this routine stop transformed into him being arrested for driving on a suspended license. Gotbaum paid his ticket and was released shortly after the ordeal. His vehicle was impounded, but his wife came and retrieved it.