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Drugged drivers face similar consequences as drunk drivers

Drunk driving is a high-profile issue that gets a lot of media attention. Therefore, many New York drivers are probably already aware of the risks and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, drugged driving is also an offense that is taken very seriously. Therefore, drivers in New York should be aware of the penalties before they decided to get behind the wheel after using drugs.

Drug recognition experts and traffic stops

A drug recognition expert is a New York law enforcement officer who is specially trained to identify the symptoms of people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Based on the signs the person is displaying, a DRE can recognize what type of substance or substances he or she has been using. The officers are trained to spot drugs in seven different categories. According to the International Drug Evaluation & Classification Program, they are:

Drug charges still possible with New York medical marijuana law

The legalization of medical marijuana in New York goes into effect next month, but it is not expected to cut down on the drug offenses arrest statistics in the state. The law allows state-certified doctors to prescribe the use of marijuana for state-certified patients who can obtain it from state-certified growers.

Felony drug charges require a strong defense

It is not uncommon for a police investigation during a traffic stop or into charges totally unrelated to drugs to result in drug charges. This appears to have been what happened recently in Rockland County when police investigating car theft allegations stumbled upon a drug manufacturing or drug trafficking operation.

A traffic stop could lead to serious consequences

A traffic stop predicated upon a police officer’s claim that you were observed violating New York traffic laws might not end with just a traffic ticket. If a police officer suspects that you might be engaged in drug offenses, stopping your vehicle could be a pretext the opportunity for a search and seizure.

Drug charges may involve search warrant issues

Police investigations of drug offenses generally focus on gathering evidence to support an arrest and the filing of criminal charges. Law enforcement agencies in New York and on the federal law must conduct their investigations so as not to violate your rights under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

New York goes to war against K2 drug manufacturing

Recent developments in New York have highlighted the increased focus of law enforcement agencies on the federal, state and local levels on drug manufacturing and drug distribution involving synthetic marijuana.  A new law in New York City fills a gap in state laws that do allow police to file drug charges for those caught manufacturing K2.

How long can police detain me for a traffic stop?

Consider a hypothetical: a police officer stops you for a minor traffic violation. He goes through the usual routine of checking your driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance, and they all check out. He writes you a warning about the traffic infraction. You think that the encounter is over, and want to get on your way.

Lawmakers struggle to keep up with drug manufacturing

As legislators throughout the country debate the issue of the legalization of marijuana, New York is dealing with a new entry on the drug scene: synthetic marijuana. Chemicals and herbs are combined in the drug manufacturing process to create a potent substance that sells for less on the streets than real marijuana. The new drug, known as K2, Spice, Scooby Snax and AK-47 has sent users to the hospital because of its potency.