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Right of way law mired in controversy

A law passed in 2014 as part of New York City Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign has been under the gun lately. Vision Zero aims to reduce or eliminate traffic and pedestrian fatalities in New York, and this particular law makes it unlawful for drivers to fail to yield to bicyclists or pedestrians who have the right of way. However, according to the New York Daily News, a judge in Queens recently ruled that the right of way law is unconstitutional.

Despite being banned, police quotas still being used in NYC

A recent class-action lawsuit has drawn attention to the issue of quotas being used by the New York Police Department. Quotas are essentially target numbers that officers are required to meet for traffic tickets, summonses and arrests during a specific period of time. Although the use of quotas was banned by a 2010 New York state law, they are still very much prevalent according to VICE. Officers who are subjected to quotas may feel pressure to issue tickets even in the absence of a legitimate violation.

Facial recognition software combats fake IDs

Recent improvements to the New York Department of Motor Vehicle facial recognition software will make it even more difficult to obtain a fake ID. According to the New York Post, the DMV has been using this type of software since 2010. While the old software was capable of matching 64 points on a person's face, with the upgrade that amount will double to 128. Even if a person has had plastic surgery, it would be very difficult to outsmart the software.

Traffic misdemeanors versus infractions

If you have had a license for more than a couple years (or, for some people, a couple weeks), you have probably gotten a traffic infraction. These minor occurrences generally manifest as speeding, following too closely, having a taillight out or anything else that would result in a simple ticket. Normally, consequences involve paying a fine, points on your license and perhaps your insurance cost going up. 

Getting help from a New York traffic violations attorney

No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket. Fines are expensive, and if you get too many points on your license your driving privileges could be taken away from you. Besides, a moving violation such as a speeding ticket, failing to yield, a drinking and driving charge, reckless driving or following too closely can make your car insurance rates go up.

Traffic infractions and misdemeanors in New York: an overview

When you receive a ticket from a police officer in New York, that individual may explain to you the nature of the charge and what you will need to do to properly respond to it. But if for some reason you are still wondering what you should do after the police officer departs, this post will provide some relevant information.

New York judge gets caught by traffic camera

In the technological age we live in, where it seems that everyone has a phone that is capable of recording an event at a moment’s notice. It is increasingly difficult for a people to conceal their actions, with websites like Google Earth allowing people to zoom in on neighborhoods from satellite cameras. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with red light cameras recording motorists throughout New York.

What is a misdemeanor?

A subtle, rarely mentioned purpose for lawyers is their ability to communicate the seeming complexities of the law to a layperson -- such as a client or juror -- in a user friendly manner. Like accountants need to explain the tax code and doctors need to explain the intricacies of the human anatomy, a large part of an attorney’s value is found in helping his or her clients understand the challenges before them and laying out their options.